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CIFRE Grant with SAP Research (2009-2011)

Participants: François Charoy, Joern Franke

Since several years, we are strengthening our relationships with SAP Research in the areas of process management and security. This collaboration has been formalized in 2008 by the funding of Joern Franke under a CIFRE contract to work on a PhD thesis on process models for crisis management (or crisis process managements systems).

CIFRE Grant with XWiki SAS

Participants: Pascal Molli, Gérald Oster, Sergiu Dumitriu

Following the fruitful work of the ANR XWiki Concerto, we are continuing the collaboration with XWiki SAS company. The PhD thesis funded by this CIFRE contract investigates peer-to-peer software architecture enabling distributed collaboration over a peer-to-peer wiki. The proposed architecture is based on a structured peer-to-peer architecture. It allows running large-scale wiki usage scenarios on top of a reliable and inexpensive distributed network of peers.

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